Virtual Medical Administrative Assistants

Admin assistants trained to support your clinical staff



Custom Training

What is a Virtual Medical Administrative Assistant?

A VMAA provides basic support and limited tasks to large clinics and hospitals. They perform tasks such as patient scheduling and EMR data entry. They work under the supervision and guidance of their team and team leaders. Many of our larger clients use task specialization to divide administrative tasks into separate teams. We provide the customized training for their staff using our Learning Resource Center (LRC).

When Do You Want a VMAA?

VMAAs are a key member of an enterprise team to add lower-level task-focused support. They improve administrative speed and efficiency by limiting tasks to a quick, repeatable execution.

Back Office

Day-to-day admin tasks that support the front line team

Specialized Tasks

Customized training to gain efficiencies through team-based task specialization

VMAA Services

EMR Data Entry
Patient Scheduling
Fax management
Email Handling
Insurance Verification
Manage Referrals