Social Responsibility

Xillium resides in its communities. We are a part of it and are made of it. Our staff, managers, and leaders come from the local neighborhoods around each of our offices. To be good stewards of our communities, we must continue to support them and build relationships. We derive value in our employees' trust in us and we help the community by using our skills and resources to encourage others in ways we are best able. The ways in which we give back are a reflection of our leadership's personal values and belief in people.

Meet Our Communities

Giving back to the community has always been one of Xillium’s guiding principles. Our outreach programs contribute to our vision of how a company can utilize its best practices and resources to support our communities.

Partnering With Schools

Primary Schools

Studies show when you intervene early and improve education, you have a measurable impact on the outcome of a child’s life. We see basic fundamental improvements that can be made with even small investments. Many of our leaders are personally acquainted with local teachers and families with young children who attend underfunded schools. This encouraged us to provide basic supplies, healthcare education, and support, as well as essential technology and training to teachers. Internet access and general knowledge of how to use it is something we take for granted but something many others see as a luxury.  We have so far worked with two community schools; Olotayan and Calaparan, and as our locations expand to four cities, we will reach out to more

University of Iloilo
University of the Philippines
University of Iloilo


Since we are on the front lines of the healthcare industry, we provide Universities visibility into the modern healthcare future. By working with Universities we get a chance to influence future staff and build relationships with them. Many of our staff are university graduates that often are the first in their families to attend college. Partnering with universities, connecting resources and interests on a shared vision grounded in helping students develop career goals.

Supporting Young Artists

Artists in Residence

When the pandemic started, our staff observed large murals around the city depicting the struggles of marginalized people. It started a discussion on how we can support the efforts of the artists honoring people in the city. This led to the creation of our "Artists in Residence" program with the goal of supporting young aspiring artists in the city. We provide funding and a platform to showcase their art while allowing them to pursue their passion. The program runs for a year and supports two artists with a stipend, materials, studio space, exhibits, and grants to learning programs where they can explore their creative interests and learn relevant skills. The program provides them time and space to reflect, collaborate, and develop new ideas. The opportunity to produce and sell artwork helps these artists and inspires others to continue their work.

Meet Our Artists

Bea Gison

Dissecting Life With Art

“Art is not just on the canvas or sculpture, it's a way for me to live.” - Bea 

Artist's Story

Kim Dela Cruz

A Brave Heart Within a Brave Art

“Don’t fear the paint. Let the paint frighten you…” - Kim

Artist's Story

Young at Art Program

We have expanded the Artist in Residence program through Young at Art in collaboration with Artivism, a community-based art organization. The program aims to mentor young artists ages 12-17 through workshops to develop their skills while having the opportunity to experiment with new mediums, helping to maximize their potential. Participants have the option to choose from classes with a focus on graphite, watercolor, acrylic, or digital art and all the materials are provided. Many Filipino children have limited access to art education which is essential for developing their creative skills that they will use outside of the classroom as well. Young at Art provides our local and aspiring young creatives with the opportunity to develop their creativity while also helping the art community grow and expand.

Other Programs

Nursing Healthcare Career Guide

Access to technology and learning how to use it in the real world is valuable to nursing students in our cities. We send our nurse managers out as guest lecturers to the University of Iloilo to teach aspiring nurses about healthcare informatics, especially focused on EMR systems. Demonstrating an EMR and educating them about the US healthcare system inspires and motivates them to learn and work as future nurses.

Back to School Program

Many people, ourselves included, take for granted good hygiene, nutrition, and personal care. As we engaged with others in the community, a request for basic supplies and improvement in education was clear, and all it requires is a little of our time and attention. We provide hygiene products and school supplies in preparation for the return of in-person learning. Making an effort to support the return to school to a safer environment, and getting the kids back in the classroom is essential to their well-being.

Equipment Donation Drive

In all countries, the pandemic has had an uneven effect falling hardest on those with the least. The marginalized community in Bacolod has challenges participating in online learning because of limited computer access. We donated computer equipment to the district’s e-learning project to use in their educational space to expand access to virtual learning.

Technology Advancement for Teachers

Our CEO in the Philippines has a sister who is a public school teacher. Sharing stories and hearing about what it’s like to be a teacher spurred an idea. Given the strong focus on tech within the company meant it was obvious to her the benefits education and training could do for the teachers and their students. Public schools in the Philippines lag far behind private schools in technology usage. So we extended our help to Calaparan Elementary school by sharing the concepts of how tech is used to communicate, educate, and equip them with tools usable in their teaching and school administration. Providing them with teacher-focused technology, like lesson plan databases, allows them to begin the steps into a tech-driven future.

Fighting Malnutrition

In early 2020, a nonprofit organization from the University of the Philippines promoted a flour mix that could provide adequate protein and energy for children aged one to three. Made with local products and easily accessible ingredients, the dish can be made without spending a lot of money. Malnutrition has long been a problem in the Philippines and hunger has only skyrocketed since the pandemic began. We have Psychology graduates from the University of the Philippines, including our HR manager, as well as consultants affiliated with the University's non-profit organization. To relaunch the program, our CEO and HR team partnered with the University to help fund and develop it to its full potential. This integrated project is a step towards combating malnutrition in Western Visayas.

Disaster Relief

When superstorm Haiyan hit the Philippines in 2013, it devastated many provinces, particularly in the Visayan region. Food was scarce, livelihoods were damaged, and power had been cut off. We put out the call to solicit funds from clients and friends who contributed generously to our Haiyan relief effort. In the city, neighbors gave in-kind donations which included canned goods, instant noodles, candles and matches, and gently used clothing. In a challenging environment, we were able to carry out successful relief operations in the northern part of Iloilo and the province of Capiz. Our staff’s efforts were committed and genuine with many going above and beyond.