Developing Virtual Medical Services

We advance the skills of our healthcare staff and equip them with the latest technological tools needed for the modern healthcare system of today

Medical Specialty Services

Custom Training

Employee Only Staffing

Scalable Staffing

High Security Organization

Medicare Certification Support

VMA Specialties

Virtual Medical Assistants supporting many specialties

Family Medicine

Virtual Medical Assistants addressing patient inquiries, submitting patient charts, and relaying lab results

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Internal Medicine

Certified VMAs managing medical records, addressing patient inquiries, and relaying lab results

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VMAs scheduling gastroenterology exams, relaying lab results, giving pre-procedure instructions

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Neuro-trained staff scheduling neurological exams, facilitating prescription refills, and managing medical documents

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Home Health Care

Chronic Care Management

Medical Legal

Pain Management





Learning Resource Center

We have a Learning Resource Center (LRC) that provides comprehensive training programs to enhance staff's skills and knowledge to support different medical specialties. The LRC is well-equipped with a wide range of educational resources that cater to our clients' needs.

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Virtual Medical Assistant

US and Philippine RNs and healthcare staff for patient-facing and clinical systems support

Virtual Medical Administrative Assistants for Hospitals

VMAAs trained to provide basic support to large clinics and hospitals with back-office tasks

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