Work Setup Choices


A blend of in-office and work from home

Similar to US based staff, a hybrid work setup is desirable. It provides the collaboration and connection needed to become part of a team, and to learn from others.

  • Enhanced productivity
  • Lower staff turnover
  • Balances remote and office-based work

How it Works

VMA reports to the office twice a week 

Work From Home

A work-from-home model provides staff with the flexibility they need while increasing productivity. They are given full access to online training materials and resources while working from home.

We provide our staff with the equipment needed, which includes a reliable internet connection and power backup to ensure their work has high uptime.

How it Works

VMA reports to the office once a month

Workspace Security

  • Workspace inspection
  • Regular HIPAA compliance auditing

Network and Equipment Support

  • Network inspection and configuration
  • Centrally controlled equipment administration
  • Dedicated restricted network
  • Device configuration
  • Power backup

Satellite Offices 

We have local offices with facilities accessible by our staff for IT support, supervision, and backup.


In-office work allows staff to work in a collaborative physical environment on a daily basis where they can participate in the office culture and build connections with leaders.

How it Works

VMA reports to the office daily


Patient and client data can only be accessed in “HIPAA Zones”. These zones are only accessible to staff who are trained in handling and accessing PHI.

Secured Network, Data and Devices

  • Controlled network & computer access 
  • Restricted equipment lockers for all technical equipment
  • Data and storage policies

Training and Collaboration

  • Teamwork
  • Relationship building
  • In-person coaching and performance reviews

*surcharge applies