Autumn Feels in the Philippines


Liezel Porras


Sep 23, 2022


Autumn Feels in the Philippines?

Filipinos like to get a head start on celebrating Christmas, which starts from September, hence the term "ber" months. It’s also when Pumpkin Spiced Latte lovers anticipate its return. Many coffee shops in the country have launched their pumpkin spice beverage line this month. 

There is no fall season in our country, nor do we celebrate thanksgiving or see many pumpkins being grown. Nevertheless, the pumpkin spice latte has gained popularity across the nation in recent years and has become a favorite among many coffee drinkers.

PSL Season 

In 2018, Starbucks introduced the country's first pumpkin spice latte. Since then, indulging in this tasty beverage has become one of the best ways to celebrate the 'ber months. Many coffee shops followed suit and produced their own pumpkin spice beverages. Now, coffee lovers can choose from a range of coffee shops and have their pumpkin spice beverage in a latte, a frappuccino blend, or a creamy cold brew version.


Familiar Coziness of Fall

The fall season connotes a sense of comfort. This autumn staple is highly anticipated in the United States and widely loved by Americans due to its delicious taste and nostalgic aroma—the mixed spices & festive flavor that’s akin to a pumpkin pie—the spices used in PSL are also frequently used in a variety of dishes across the Philippines. For instance, our traditional Filipino tea (salabat), which is frequently consumed throughout the cold and flu season, contains ginger. We also include it in our congee (lugaw),  a popular Filipino comfort food.  

Given our love of sugary drinks, pumpkin spice still has a warm and inviting flavor that leaves us waiting for its return next autumn—even if we don’t have autumn in the country.

Liezel Porras

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