Celebrating Filipino Values


Liezel Porras


Nov 11, 2022


November is a unique month for Filipinos. It's a month on the Philippine calendar that starts with a number in red and ends in red, celebrating ideals and principles focusing on both people and nature.

Some of the values that we hold dear are nationalism, peace, empathy, hard work, respect, sincerity, fairness, love, impartiality, gratitude, and comradeship among others. Combining strong family ties and business acumen into our everyday lives are a reflection of our history and culture. We have adapted to the changing times thanks to the example these traits have set for us.

The home serves as a place for sustaining and solidifying principles, with the family  at the forefront of teaching values to Filipino youth. Schools support these values by giving students the chance to reflect on the traits they have been taught at home through their relationships with classmates and superiors. 

Filipino Values Month is observed annually in November to honor values that are distinctly Filipino. This observance instills these values in the younger generation and expresses the hope that future generations will continue to adhere to the same principles.

Liezel Porras

Liezel holds a degree in Literature and has years of experience in remotely mentoring foreign students to speak English. Her academic involvement also includes writing and editing learning materials and content. Her distance learning profession cultivated her competency in communication, management, research, and technology.

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