Regatta: Beyond Boat Racing


Liezel Porras


Mar 24, 2023


Regatta festivals are an important part of the cultural fabric of the Philippines. These festivals celebrate the country's rich maritime heritage and showcase the skills of the seafarers who have played a vital role in shaping the country's history. Typically held in the coastal areas of the country, they are a colorful, lively, and highly anticipated event, drawing in tourists and locals alike.

The Philippines is an archipelago of over 7,000 islands, and the sea has always been an integral part of the Filipino way of life. The regatta festivals are a testament to this cultural connection to the ocean.

These festivals usually involve a series of boat races, with participants from different communities competing against each other. While white rowing shells are the most common type of boat used in regattas, the boats used in these races in our country are often traditional wooden boats, called banca or paraw, that have been used by Filipino fishermen for centuries. These are typically made of lightweight materials such as carbon fiber or fiberglass and are designed for speed.

Here are some of the country’s regatta festivals:

Iloilo’s Paraw Regatta 

Usually held every February, Iloilo's Paraw Regatta returned in March this year after a three-year hiatus caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Locals and tourists alike were delighted to witness around 40 colorful sailboats set sail on March 19th, racing for 30 kilometers of high seas along the shorelines of Villa Beach in the Arevalo district. This year marks the 50th Paraw Regatta Festival, and the celebration is anchored on the theme 'Sailing Through the Waves of Ilonggo Tradition and Progress.' 

Bolinao-Patar Regatta Festival 

Held every May in Bolinao, Pangasinan, this festival features a series of boat races, including traditional banca and paraw races, accompanied by cultural festivities and events.

Boracay International Funboard Cup 

This regatta festival is held every January or February in Boracay Island, Aklan. It’s a windsurfing competition that attracts participants from all over the world. The festival is also accompanied by music and dance performances, making it a fun-filled event.

Boracay International Dragon Boat Festival 

It’s a dragon boat race competition held every April in Boracay Island, Aklan. It’s also accompanied by cultural performances and other activities.

Hinulugang Taktak Regatta 

Held every February in Antipolo City, Rizal, this festival celebrates the beauty and significance of Hinulugang Taktak, a Tagalog phrase that means "the falling down of Taktak," which is a reference to the Taktak Falls located in Antipolo. Typically held in May, it features boat racing, cultural performances, and food fairs.

Masbate Rodeo and Regatta Festival 

A two-week long event that typically takes place in Masbate City, Masbate in April, this festival features two main events: the Rodeo and the Regatta. The Rodeo showcases cowboy skills and horsemanship, with events like bull riding, calf roping, and barrel racing. Meanwhile, the Regatta consists of a series of boat races held on the waters surrounding Masbate.

Regada Water Festival 

An annual celebration that takes place in Cavite City during the third week of May, it’s also known as the "Agawan Festival," which means "water grabbing" or "water snatching,". Participants engage in a lively water fight using different water containers such as buckets, hoses, water guns, and even fire trucks. The festival originated from a tradition in which Cavite City residents would throw water at each other to cool off during the hot summer months. In addition to the water fight, the event also includes street dancing, parades, live music, and other cultural performances.

Sarangani Bay Festival and Regatta 

This annual event held in the General Santos City usually during the last week of May celebrates the rich cultural heritage and marine resources of Sarangani Bay, which is known for its diverse maritime life and beautiful coral reefs. The festival features street dancing competition, a beauty pageant, and a food festival that showcases local delicacies. The event also aims to raise awareness about the need to protect the marine ecosystem of the bay through programs and activities that promote sustainable fishing practices, marine conservation, and eco-tourism.

Sorsogon Bay Annual Regatta 

This yearly event is held in Sorsogon Bay, located in the Bicol region of the Philippines. It typically attracts a large number of participants and spectators from the local community and beyond. Activities may include yacht and sailboat races, traditional boat races, fishing competitions, and more. 

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