Young at Art in Bacolod: Promoting Local Art and Cultivating Young Talent


Liezel Porras


Mar 10, 2023


Xilium is committed to building communities through its advocacies, one of which is promoting art and creativity. Thus, the Young at Art Program (YAP) was born. This initiative aimed at developing young artists' skills and promoting the beauty and value of local art. After successful partnerships in the past, we expanded YAP to Bacolod City in February in honor of National Arts Month.

Partnering with Artfull Gallery and Cafe, an art gallery and cafe run by artists from Negros Occidental and Bacolod City, YAP found the perfect hub for its workshop. A dozen young artists, ranging from 12 to 17 years old, had the opportunity to explore different art mediums with the guidance of two local artists. Ramon De Los Santos, a painter and terra cotta sculptor, taught the basics of drawing and clay sculpting, while Tey Sevilleno, the current President of the Art Association of Bacolod-Negros, shared her expertise in gouache and watercolor painting. The young artists also enjoyed snacks and meals from the art gallery as well as freebies from Xillium.

At the end of the program, each participant received certificates and freebies as a token of appreciation. However, the most significant takeaway was the newfound appreciation for the local art scene. Through the program, young artists learned about Bacolod's diverse art scene, interacted with local artists, and developed a deeper understanding of the city's culture and heritage.

The Young at Art program was an excellent opportunity for young artists to learn, grow, and develop their skills. It was an outstanding initiative that promoted creativity and inspired young artists to explore their artistic talents.

Liezel Porras

Liezel holds a degree in Literature and has years of experience in remotely mentoring foreign students to speak English. Her academic involvement also includes writing and editing learning materials and content. Her distance learning profession cultivated her competency in communication, management, research, and technology.

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