Patient-facing and backend solutions for your administrative needs
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Clinical Groups

Teams of 10 or hundreds, to manage and support your processes and clinical systems
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Physicians Network

Teams of 10 or more staff for patient-facing and clinical systems support
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Franchisee Network

Virtual healthcare staff and state licensed RNs with added tech support and security measures. Efficient communication skills to innovate and streamline your operations using the latest connected and integrated solutions.
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Contract Research Organizations

Outsourcing reception, clinical research and laboratory services support
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Large Pharmacies

HIPAA compliant Virtual Pharmacy tech providing support for your pharmacy customers
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Why Xillium?

Security and HIPAA Focused

  • HIPAA training with multi-stage interventions and ongoing auditing

  • Restrictive vendor selection and lower complexity systems for a safer environment

We set a high standard for patient and client data privacy with security and HIPAA at the forefront.

High Skills 

  • High-quality and well-educated

  • Accountability

  • Corporate level training

Staff are selected with skills that allow openness and learning to easily adapt to the US culture. We help our staff succeed in their roles by investing in ongoing trainings. Our managers lead with transparency, guiding our employees with policies and standards that apply to everyone. We foster an accountability culture by using evaluation mechanisms to assess our employees' success in their roles.

Service Stability

  • Company stability and reliability

  • Reduced administration

We are a registered business in the Philippines with multiple offices to better connect with the community. We keep facilities with policies in place to support data privacy and ensure stability and reliability in serving clients.

Tech and Remote Work Expert

  • Tech-savvy

  • Remote communication skills

Our staff have been trained and supported to a higher level of technical and remote communication skills that are tailored to US healthcare facilities.


  • Multiple office locations

  • Access to a large pool of healthcare staff

We have offices across multiple cities. This gives us access to greater availability of healthcare staff and better efficiency in training, management, and security. Residing in our communities allows us to provide a more trustworthy, stable, and dependable workforce.

Customized Training Available

  • Client requirements

  • Task specialization

Collaborating with clients helps us understand the scope of a project and remain aligned with the client's requirements. We train our staff in technical and soft skills, preparing them to support medium to large-sized service providers.